Fire Appliance Intercom Systems - Uses - Fire Brigades, Conservation and Land Management Appliances, Park Management Authorities, Bush Fire Brigades, Country Fire Authority etc.

There are 3 main types of intercom system to choose from:-

Type 1.

Stand alone master unit with one or two slaves. Used for cab and/or pump area/crew cab communication.


  • 12/24 Volt operation
  • Adjustable volume control on master for master to slave(s) and slave(s) to master
  • Insensitive waterproof robust microphones used for the slave units (to cut out background noise)
  • Fully tested for EMC
  • Crystal clear audio in both directions.
  • 15 Watts audio to the weatherpoof speakers at the crew cab and pump
  • 10 Watts audio available in the vehicle cab.

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  • Type 2.

    Same as above except the master units microphone, is switched audio from the Sirenco siren system Model SC3D control head. This saves having two microphones in the cab. The same microphone can be used for Public Address through the siren system or switched via a button to the intercom system (LED gives indication of function i.e. P.A. or intercom).

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    Type 3.

    Same as type 1 and type 2 with the additional advantage of the slave units being able to access the vehicle 2 way radio. The slaves can be used as either the intercom, or by activating a local switch at the crew cab or pump, communication over the 2 way radio can occur. This enables the Brigade personnel to maintain pump operations and communicate via 2 way radio if required. Or, if trapped at a fire and taking refuge in the crew cab area, personnel can make a distress call without having to gain access to the cabin of the vehicle.

    The main 2 way radio microphone in the vehicle cabin has priority over the slave units in accessing the 2 way.

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    Intercom Slave Unit

    Typical type one and two slave unit.

    Features -

  • Weather proof speaker
  • Water proof low sensitivity microphone
  • Clear audio signal in both directions
  • Pump noise will not interfere with audio signal
  • EMC Tested
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