My name is ken

Hi my name is Ken Appelbee and I am the face of SIRENCO. I left highschool to start an apprenticeship at PMG in Exmouth; during the time I worked there they went through changes from Telecom Australia into Telstra. After being in the company for 23 years later I left Telstra as a Qualified Senior Telecom Tech Officer Grade 2; in order to pursue my passion for designing and manufactuing products to help Emergency services from which SIRENCO was born.

Sirenco History

My first job was to develop a siren for the local bush fire brigade of which I was a member in 1986. During this time Western Australia Police approached me to repair and manufacture siren systems for WA Police. After making a name for myself in this area with proven and reliable siren systems the Bush Fires Board of WA approached me about manufacturing sirens for appliances and intercom systems. Though we started out doing analogue we evolved with the times and moved into manufacturing fully digital systems as well.

Sirenco Today

Sirenco has spent the last 5 years developing new products and now are producing 3 different intercom units which are sold all around Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. We have also been successful in securing some bigger projects in the Mining and Railway Industries in the past 2 years.

Sirenco strives to always improve on and design new products.