Intercom Units

Fire Appliance Intercom Systems – Mainly used for: Fire Brigades, Conservation and Land Management Appliances, Park Management Authorities, Bush Fire Brigades, Country Fire Authority etc, Used for cab and/or pump area/crew cab communication. (Pictured below)


  • 12/24 Volt operation from a main unit located in the Drivers cab.
  • A screened cable is used to connect this unit to a microphone and speaker.
  • Options include: Drivers cab and Crew cab (2-station) or Drivers cab, Crew cab and Pump (3-station).
  • Insensitive waterproof robust microphones are used for the crew cab and pump locations (to cut out background noise).
  • 15 Watts audio to the weatherpoof speakers at the crew cab and pump 10 Watts audio available in the vehicle cab.
  • Fully tested for EMC Crystal clear audio in both directions.

Intercom unit police (pictured below)

This unit is used primarily in WA, QLD, NSW and Tasmanian Police vehicles. It allows for listening to the rear cell area through front speaker as well as a microphone for talking to the rear cell. This unit also features a volume control for the officers in the front of the vehicle.