Evac Systems

EWS3000 Currently used in major mine sites Australia wide (pictured

Features – Alert Sound to Australian standard All Clear Sound Public Address Evacuate Sound to Australian standard. Full Battery Backup if required.

  • 240 volt electronic warning system 
  • Can be fitted with a 12 or 24 volt battery backup in case of mains failure if required.
  • Normally fitted with intelligent power supplies.
  • Available in 100 Watt (single speaker), 200 Watt (twin speaker), 300 watt (triple speaker and 400 watt (quad speaker).
  • Operating options: radio, optic fibre, mobile phone, direct cable or from fire panel.

These are available with weather proof speakers or explosion proof if required. The evacuation sirens are in a steel waterproof enclosure. All power outputs are RMS. Each speaker output is 129dBA at 1 metre. Multiple units may be linked by 2 way radio, mobile phone or direct cabling or from fire panels. Individual units may be switched using remote water-proof switches, breakglass switches or switches mounted on the enclosure. The weatherproof speakers can be mounted on a building roof, or on a pole. These units are ideal for minesites, small towns, workshops (both small and large) and industrial sites. All Sirenco manufactured products are covered by a Five Year Warranty.

Portable Blast Siren


  • 12 Volt via cigarette lighter plug
  • 4.7 Amp 50 Watt Speaker included
  • Speaker has 2 x 50Kg pull magnets attached
  • Wail or Yelp tones (other tones available – hi-lo, hyperyelp, electronic horn)
  • 5 Year Warranty on electronics
  • 12 month Warranty on speaker
  • Genuine “Pelican” enclosure (42 x 33.1 x 17.4cm)